“Spotting another Cambodian in tech is like spotting a unicorn.”

Cambodians in Tech now has members across the U.S. as well as in five other countries around the world––and we’re still growing


Diversity and inclusion efforts in Silicon Valley never seem to benefit the refugee communities. Instead of waiting, Cambodians in Tech decided to lead by example.

Cambodians lack access to the educational resources needed to meet Silicon Valley’s high educational bar and are inadvertently excluded from the tech industry. Further, many Cambodians aren’t aware that the tech industry is an option so they don’t work towards a career in technology. The programs and initiatives led by CiT aim to ameliorate these problems.


The world’s most innovative projects and technological advancements –– powered by Cambodians.


Cambodians in Tech aims to increase the number of Cambodians in the tech industry through community, education, and inspiration.

The Community

Members of CiT are role models that inspire and pave the way for the next generation of Cambodians in the tech industry. If they so choose, members can also participate in CiT initiatives and be more hands-on with direct efforts to give back to and educate the Cambodian community.

The Cambodians in Tech community hub is a private Facebook group where Cambodians in the tech industry can network with other Cambodians in Tech or simply meet new friends.

The Initiatives

Currently, Cambodians in Tech gives back through the following initiatives*:

  • The CiT Mentorship Program
  • Hackathon #SVtoPP
  • University Outreach Program

*The list of programs is always open to additions and the current programs are constantly evolving

How to Help

To learn more about making a donation to Cambodians in Tech, email info@cambodiansintech.com. All donations are greatly appreciated and will go directly towards our programs.

How to Join

To join the CiT community, emails info@cambodiansintech.com.

*Cambodians in Tech is a 501(c)3 nonprofit incorporated in the state of California.

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